How it works

How it works

Taking HSK.HK Chinese language courses is easy, without the need for CD-ROM discs, simply connect to the Internet and start learning the new language!

Or, simply use your mobile device, iPhone, iPad, or Android, study the new language anywhere and anytime.

Attending lesson is easy, simply connect to Internet, click the lesson link from a PC, MAC, iPad, iPhone or Android device, with a webcam you get high-definition Inactive LIVE lessons, interact on screen with our dedicated teacher using the pen, highlighter, arrow and spotlight tools:

  • High-definition LIVE interactive lessons
  • Writing and Drawing tools
  • Multiple monitor support
  • Chat, Raise Hand Question and Answer
  • Audio via phone and computer
  • PC, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android device supported

A dedicated correspondence teacher supervises you throughout your courses, teaches the lessons, answers your questions, corrects your exercises and helps you with your studying.  Whether you want to learn Chinese for everyday life, personal interest, for university studies or your job, HSK.HK is your qualified partner. We guarantee rapid progress through: 

  • Highly qualified teachers
  • State-of-the-art teaching methods
  • Intensive consultation and support
  • Examinations recognized around the world

To select the most appropriate course, please click here: Programs  or use the contact us form to contact us  if you have any queries.